IFCC Distinguished Awards for the IFCC WorldLab Congress, Dubai (UAE) 2024


The IFCC confers several Distinguished Awards to scientists and clinicians who work in clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine or related disciplines. These Awards are the highest honors that our Federation can bestow to colleagues worldwide in recognition of their outstanding achievements, to publicize their exceptional research and other contributions that have improved medical and healthcare, and to stimulate and encourage other scientists to accelerate their efforts in advancing clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine.


The IFCC and its Awards Committee, call for nominations for the following IFCC Distinguished Awards for presentation at the IFCC Congress in May 2024, Dubai (UAE).

These awards for 2024 are listed below and a more detailed description of them, including the former honorees, can be found by clicking on this link.

  1. IFCC-Howard Morris Distinguished Clinical Chemist Award (since 2020) IFCC Distinguished Clinical Chemist Award (1969-2017) – sponsored by Yashraj Biotechnology Ltd.
  2. IFCC Award for Significant Contributions in Molecular Diagnostics – sponsored by Abbott Laboratories.
  3. IFCC Distinguished Award for Laboratory Medicine and Patient Care – sponsored by Snibe.
  4. IFCC Distinguished Award for Contributions to the Cardiovascular Diagnostics – sponsored by HyTest.
  5. IFCC-Gérard Siest Young Scientist Award for Distinguished Contributions in Pharmacogenetics – sponsored by Biologie Prospective.
  6. IFCC Distinguished Women Scientist Award for Contribution to In Vitro Diagnostics – sponsored by Yashraj Biotechnology Ltd.