Congress President message

It gives me an immense pleasure and a great honour to invite you to attend the 26th International Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (ICCCLM) – IFCC WorldLab Congress which will be organized jointly with the 17th Congress of the Arab Federation of Clinical Biology (AFCB); 10th Annual Meeting of the Saudi Society for Clinical Chemistry (SSCC) and 8th International and UAE Genetic Disorders Conference in partnership with MZ Events to be held in Dubai World Trade Centre (WTC) in May 26-30, 2024. 3rd IFCC FORUM for Young Scientists is also planned to be held before the congress.
The IFCC WorldLab will deliver a world-wide forum for the free and open exchange of information on the science and technology of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine in the academic, clinical, and industrial settings; will enable an international forum for clinical laboratory scientists and physicians to interact with their peers; and will provide a forum to promote human health.
The Scientific Program Committee will put together a fantastic multidisciplinary program covering a broad range of important themes such as fundamental concepts, advanced diagnostics and techniques used in laboratory medicine. The program will feature plenary lectures, symposiums on cutting-edge topics, oral presentations, posters and high-level educational workshops. Distinguished international speakers and key opinion leaders will deliver presentations in health care, on recent diagnostic technologies, scientific advances, and challenges. The program will be designed to be interactive allowing sufficient time for discussions giving opportunity to the participants to learn, to understand, to contribute. and question the direction of Laboratory Medicine worldwide.
In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Sector will organize a great exhibition providing the attendees a great opportunity to explore the recent novel technological advances and practical solutions fitting to the needs of clinical laboratories. The IVD Sector will support the Congress organizing also high-level Educational Workshops on important topics with eminent speakers presenting the latest scientific advances in all disciplines pertinent to laboratory medicine.
I look forward to meeting all the IFCC members worldwide from six IFCC Regional Federations who will participate in this exciting IFCC WorldLab Congress to be held in the Region of the Arab Federation of Clinical Biology. I am confident that you will find your time rewarding and worthwhile enjoying inspirational scientific program, all presentations, discussions, exhibition, networking, and social activities.

Professor Tomris Ozben
Congress President
IFCC President (2024-2026)

Conference Co-Chair message

It is my great pleasure to welcome all attendees of the XXVI IFCC WorldLab Congress, jointly hosted by the IFCC, Arab Federation of Clinical Biochemistry, Saudi Society of Clinical Chemistry, and the UAE Genetics Association. This is the first time the WorldLab is being held in the Middle East, bringing experts from around the world together in the opulent city of Dubai, now one of the most vibrant and technologically advanced cities in the world. The 2024 WorldLab Congress will bring together laboratory professionals and scientists from the UAE and countries across the Arab Federation, as well as all other regional federations within IFCC including Africa, Europe, North America, Central/South America, and Asia-Pacific. It promises to be the most successful IFCC WorldLab ever held outside Europe.
This is a fast-evolving time for the field of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine, as we face many scientific and technological advancements that allow for a much greater role for our professionals as partners at the centre of healthcare. This timely congress is an excellent opportunity to gather in an international forum to discuss these advancements and foster collaboration with other colleagues. Without a doubt, the biannual WorldLab congress has proven to be one of the leading forums to bring together scientists, laboratory specialists, clinicians, and industry colleagues in the field of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine. Bringing all of us together in forums like this enables scientific exchange and ensures that our organization and the field of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine remain at the cutting edge.
During the congress, attendees will experience an outstanding scientific program, featuring innovative and diverse educational opportunities that incorporate the best of clinical laboratory medicine and in vitro diagnostics, including lectures, symposia, recent advancements in clinical practice and science, poster presentations, and much more. Special emphasis will be placed on technological advancements, as this meeting aims to connect the latest technological breakthroughs in diagnostic laboratory technology with the best minds in laboratory medicine to help attendees learn and implement the latest and greatest in clinical laboratory science, technology, and medicine. In addition to the scientific program, the cosmopolitan metropolis of Dubai has something to offer for every visitor, and excellent social opportunities have been organized for attendees to enjoy its many attractions.
I hope you all enjoy the excellent scientific and social programs curated by the congress organizing and scientific committees, and I wish you all a productive conference and a pleasant stay in Dubai.

Prof Khosrow Adeli
IFCC Past President

Conference Co-Chair message

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
On behalf of the Saudi Society for Clinical Chemistry (SSCC) it is our great pleasure to invite you to the IFCC WorldLab in Dubai from May 26th to 30th, 2024.
The 26th International Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine will be an extraordinary as it will be in the Arab world for the first time since the IFCC congress started in 1954 and jointly hosted with the 17th Arab Federation for Biological Sciences (AFBC), the 10th Annual meeting for the SSCC, and the 8th UAE Genetic Disorders Conference.
Dubai conference organizing committee together with the scientific committee are keen to develop an exciting scientific program and to cover the most relevant aspects in clinical laboratory, medicine, and patient care. For this purpose, local and international key leaders in clinical laboratory were selected to shape a scientific program covering current & future changes in clinical laboratory science, new emerging lab technologies, updated diagnostic strategies, discussing regional health problems, recent quality applications and digitalization of clinical laboratories. The congress will provide you a chance to make remarkable changes, update your scientific skills by our outstanding experts and to develop new personal relationships within the region and other parts of the world with the advantage of exchange in experience, knowledge, and skills.
Dubai is a fascinating peaceful city and geographically easily accessible from all over the world. We are confident about our attendees’ comfort with Dubai cultural diversity, breathtaking architecture, safety, amazing shopping experience, hospitality, and other top tourists’ attractions.
SSCC is dedicated to making Dubai 2024 an unforgettable meeting for all attendees and truly we hope to see you in Dubai next year.

Prof. Anwar Borai.
SSCC representative

President Arab Federation of Clinical Biology

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the Arab Federation of Clinical Biology (AFCB), it gives me a great honor to invite you to attend the 26th International Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (WorldLab) in Dubai, the sun-soaked metropolis like no other and one of the most popular destinations worldwide these last years.

The scientific committee will spare no effort to provide you with a top-level program that meets your expectations in terms of innovation and quality. Not only will you have the opportunity to meet key opinion leaders and listen to international speakers, but you will also discover the world of medical research in the Arab countries, and have the chance to forge new collaborative networks in a context that is surprisingly rich in scientific opportunities, and is as diverse as the twenty-two countries it covers with their half a billion citizens.

Submerged hotel, world’s tallest tower, artificial peninsulas, largest fountain, ski resort, wonderful museums… Truly, nothing is too crazy for this effervescent futuristic city of Dubai born out of the desert a few decades ago and whose expansion seems to have no limits. So from the various symposia and satellite events, to the young scientists’ forum, everything in the scientific program had to be focused on the future as well. The laboratory medicine had to adopt a flawless modernity in this context of constantly evolving city of skyscrapers and challenges.

We hope the 2024 WorldLab Conference will provide us not only a chance to discover new horizons, learn top-of-the art skills from experts but also discuss latest developments in all areas of laboratory medicine and broaden our knowledge by sharing what the years of experience have taught each of us.

Dubai and its IFCC Worldlab is the place to be in 2024, I wish you will all enjoy the outstanding scientific conference program, experience the amazing pride to belong to the IFCC in this really amazing city!


Christian Haddad, MD, MHS
Arab Federation of Clinical Biology, President

Founder and Chairperson of UAE Genetic Disease Association

Dear attendees, colleagues, and friends,

On behalf of all the people in the United Arab Emirates, it is with great pleasure and anticipation that we extend our warmest welcome to the World lab International Federation of Clinical Chemistry (IFCC) conference for the first time over the past 70 years scheduled to be held in our vibrant city of Dubai in 2024!Dubai, known for its awe-inspiring architecture, rich cultural heritage, and remarkable hospitality, will set the stage for this prestigious gathering of esteemed professionals, researchers, and experts from around the globe. As one of the leading international conferences in the field, we are thrilled to have you join us for this enriching and innovative event being held in the Middle East for the first time. The IFCC, the Arab Federation of Clinical Biochemistry, the Saudi Society of Clinical Chemistry, and the UAE Genetic Disease Association have prepared an exceptional conference program filled with insightful presentations, cutting-edge research, and engaging discussions that will shape the future of clinical chemistry, clinical molecular biology, and laboratory medicine. Renowned speakers from a wide variety of disciplines will share their expertise, providing invaluable access to the latest advancements, breakthrough technologies, and best practices in our ever-evolving field. In this fast-paced world, it has never been more important to come together and share our collective library of knowledge – to push at the boundaries of our understanding and drive our ambitions for the future. in addition to the exciting scientific program, the conference will offer ample networking opportunities for you to meet like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and forge new collaborations. The event will be held at a world-class venue, providing a conducive environment for learning, sharing, and fostering meaningful connections.

Dubai itself presents a unique blend of old-world charm and modern innovation. It is an inspiring city, where ideas are welcomed and made into reality. From the iconic Burj Khalifa to the awe-inspiring Palm Jumeirah, you will have the chance to explore the city’s stunning landmarks and experience its vivid culture. Indulge in delectable cuisine, enjoy luxury shopping or embark on a desert safari for a taste of true adventure – Dubai has something for everyone.

We sincerely hope that you will be able to join us at the 26 International Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine Conference in Dubai, UAE. Your presence will undoubtedly contribute to the success of this event, and we look forward to sharing an unforgettable experience together.

Thank you for your commitment to advancing the fields of clinical chemistry, clinical molecular biology, and laboratory medicine. We eagerly await your arrival in 2024.


Dr. Maryam bin Matar, M.D, PhD,

Founder and Chairperson of UAE Genetic Disease Association.

Invitation Scientific Program Committee co-Chairs

We are delighted to extend this invitation to join us at the IFCC WorldLab in Dubai from May 26 through May 30, 2024. Along with the organizing committee, the scientific program committee for the conference is eager to create a stimulating scientific agenda that covers the most important trends and innovations in clinical laboratory medicine and patient care. The fundamental goal of the conference has been to globalize medical knowledge in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine through a carefully structured system of ongoing scientific education. The Scientific Committee will work hard to create an amazing, challenging, and inspiring program. A scientific program addressing the present and future developments in clinical laboratory science, novel emerging lab technologies, updated diagnostic methodologies, discussion of global health issues, contemporary quality applications, and digitalization of clinical laboratories. The congress will provide lots of educational opportunities as renowned international speakers, inventors and innovators will update you on the state-of-science in laboratory medicine. Attendees will enjoy an amazing scientific program as presented in the infographic. The titles and speakers of the plenaries are displayed; the symposia are balanced and will specifically cover the themes of Emerging Technologies & Biomarkers, Data Science and Medical Leadership, among others. These educational opportunities will combine the best of clinical laboratory medicine and in vitro diagnostics. The congress will provide the attendees opportunity to make significant improvements, refresh their scientific knowledge with our excellent specialists, and build new personal ties within the area and throughout the world via the sharing of experience, information, and skills. As well, the congress will promote the development of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine. We sincerely hope you will join us to exchange experiences, to network, and to participate in the most cutting-edge research in laboratory medicine.
All of our international and national participants attending IFCC WorldLab will undoubtedly have a rewarding and memorable experience. We are eager to meet you at the IFCC WorldLab in Dubai.

Professor Christa Cobbaert
Dr Samia Sobki
Co-Chairs Scientific Program Committee